Plan your journey to Kaunas 

If you arrive at Kaunas Airport: 

1. We advise using Bolt app or Uber app services (Bolt app or Uber app).The trip to the center of Kaunas city takes around 20 minutes and should cost around 15-20 EUR. 

2. Take the public bus – Bus number 29 runs between the airport and the city center. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes and tickets can be purchased on the bus. Ticket price is 1 euro.

Kaunas International Airport is located approximately 10 km from the center of Kaunas city. It is a modern and well-equipped airport, offering passengers a range of convenient travel options. Whether you arrive by plane or by bus, getting to the center of Kaunas city is quick and straightforward.

If you arrive at Vilnius Airport: 

1. Take the bus – The bus ride takes 1 hour 34 minutes, and the ticket costs about 10€ (from Vilnius bus station to Kaunas bus station).

2. Take the train – The train journey takes from 1 hour 16 minutes to 1 hour 41 minutes and the ticket costs 6–9€ (from Vilnius train station to Kaunas train station).

3. We advise using Bolt app or Uber app services (Bolt app or Uber app). The approximate price from Vilnius Airport to Kaunas city center (approx. 100 km journey) should be around 70 EUR.

Vilnius International Airport is the largest airport in Lithuania and is located approximately 100 km from the Kaunas city. Whether you choose to travel by taxi, bus or train, getting from Vilnius International Airport to the center of Kaunas city is easy and hassle-free.